Mid-October is the essence of autumn.  This is the time of frosty mornings, crisp colors, Friday night football, and chilled apple cider. All of these are serene moments of enjoyment to be savored before the onslaught of winter’s wrath.  Rachel and I have been seizing upon some of the nicer days to go on some hikes.  Yesterday we stumbled upon this fiery orange-eyed guy. I’ve always had a soft spot for box turtles, and this guy was gorgeous in all of his color.  Here are a few more color-soaked scenes of autumn. SIGH, I’m enjoying them because all of this means cold, gray days can’t be far away. This is a gorgeous panorama of colors from my mother in law’s back-porch….ahhh, if there were just a way to press the pause button and hold these colors for a few more weeks!