This blog has been a bit quiet lately, but I’ll be writing more in the days and weeks ahead. I’ve been a bit busy!

I saw this scene earlier today and it got me reminiscing over something I rarely use anymore:  the payphone.   In the days before the ubiquitous cell phone, pay phones were a lifeline.  They were the way I stayed in touch when traveling.  I especially liked the ones that were like this phone: pull up pay-phones.  Never had to leave your car. Rockford, Illinois and the Quad Cities seemed to have pull up payphones everywhere and it was awesome (on the few occasions I found myself in those cities).   I was less of a germaphobe back then and it’s a good thing or I probably wouldn’t have used them.  Ugh, the thought of all those strange, sweaty ears pressed against the phone creeps me out, in retrospect.  I think I remember the last time I used a cell phone.  I think it was about 8 years ago on a trip back from Canada, I stopped to use a pay phone at a rest area outside of Toledo because my cell phone battery was dead.  Gone, but not forgotten: the pay phone. Do you have any special pay phone memories to share?