Wow, it’s been awhile since I wrote on my personal blog.  I guess this is just a rare period when I don’t have much to say!:)  But I did want to vent about microwaves today.

I remember when our family got our first microwave.  It was sometime in the early 80s and it was the size of a large television.  With it came a hardcover cookbook of microwave recipes with scrumptious formulations for everything from steaks and chops to casseroles and desserts. As a teenager I regaled my family on more than one occasion with creative items like microwaved twice-baked potatoes and nuked soups.  Once the novelty wore off the microwave became more of a “zapper” than a cooker, I’ve used the microwave to heat frozen meals and reheat leftovers ever since.  But our microwave went on the blink over the weekend so I’ve been forced to make do with the toaster oven. And, you know what? The toaster oven food tastes a ton better!  I heated a veggie corn dog (basically the same as a corn dog, just a veggie dog in the middle) in the toaster oven this morning and the breading was so crisp and flavorful compared to the dully, soggy version in the microwave.  I’ve found the same result with other foods.  Now when we do get a replacement microwave, it’s going to be weighing sheer speed versus flavor, but it really didn’t take that much longer to cook in the toaster oven. Of course I could use the regular oven for these same things also and I am sure the result would be the same the toaster oven.  Is there anyone else who has sort of sworn off the microwave?  How is life without it?Image