My city has, in my opinion, too many grocery stores for its size.  We have a Meijer (a regional chain), Kroger (a national behemoth), Wal-Mart, a couple Save-A-Lots, an Aldi’s, a Marsh (regional chain), and a local independent store.  These are all full-service groceries and that just seems like too many for a city of 30,000 people.  Rachel and I usually shop at Kroger, although my loyalties still lie with the local Mom & Pop independent (Dillman’s).  IGA used to have two stores in town but those shuttered long ago. Do you still have an IGA in your town?

I think the demise of the independent stores is sad.  They’ve tried to compete.  In northern Kentucky a decade or so ago IGA made a spirited stand opening IGA-PLUS with a bank, dry cleaner, and massive grocery store under one roof. But they still couldn’t compete with the buying power of a national giant.

I thought a grocery store poll would be

would be fun.  Where do you shop?  And are you saddened by the demise of the neighborhood grocery, where the butcher knew you by name and the the baggers carried your groceries to the car?

The poll was tough to narrow down to 10 or so names because there are so many.  I put “other” as an option.  Giant is a great chain in the east, as is Weiss Markets, Sweet Bay in Florida, TOP Foods in Washington State…the more local the chain, the more I like them!:)