Ah, this photo makes me nostalgic.  I took it the other night at the local grocery store. What is better to a kid than a bowl of chocolate chip cookies for breakfast?  I’m not sure why I got the sudden urge for cereal the other night, but I did.  Perhaps it is the ultimate comfort food of one’s youth.  Capt’n Crunch, Fruit Pebbles, and Apple Jacks were all sugar-smothered staples of my childhood breakfasts.  Oh, and how I loved “Boo-Berry”, but that was always difficult to find.

When I was a freshman in college the dining hall offered a “cereal bar” where we could go to indulge in these nostalgic noshings from childhood.  But as an adult I just don’t eat much of it.  My Mom used to eat Cream of Wheat and Wheatabix…I think my Dad called it Wheatabox because he said it tasted like cardboard.  So, do you have a cereal that makes you nostalgic? Do you still eat cereal? If so, what kind?