SIGH…I am probably going to offend 2/3 of my audience here, but I really think I WANT  ObamaCare (more properly known as the Affordable Care Act) to be upheld by the Supreme Court on Thursday.  Before someone pigeonholes me as an Obama lackey, not so fast…to me the issue is just a very personal one..I don’t really care about the political part.  As someone who is self-employed, affordable health insurance is ALWAYS a struggle.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve just put off addressing a medical issue because I couldn’t pay for it.  So far, I’ve been lucky and haven’t had any major health scares, but it’s scary. If I got a major disease, I’d be screwed. So I don’t care whether it’s ObamaCare, RomneyCare, BushCare, GoreCare (LOL, now that would be a bad name for any health plan), as long as the plan works, I Don’tCare.  People say they don’t want “government bureaucrats” dictating our health care and I would agree…except right now insurance company bureaucrats dictate our health care and I don’t see much advantage there.

So, for me, the Affordable Health Care Act is a no-brainer.  For those of you opposed to it, what are the reasons? I’m not asking to be argumentative, I really would like to know because it helps me become better informed?  For instance, if you already have great health insurance would Obamacare somehow interfere with that?  If it wouldn’t, what’s the beef with ObamaCare?