This is not a post poking fun at my parents (okay, well, maybe just a teensy bit), I’m just sort of doing a comparison.  My `rents are wonderful souls and any fun-poking is done in good humor. Actually, I am going to try to talk them into doing a video interview soon.  Many visitors to my Amish Cook website have met my grandmother, why not my parents?  I’m sure they’ d have some interesting things to say! So stay tuned:)

Meanwhile,  on a particular day this week I  tried calling them and they didn’t answer their phone.   Oh geez, that’s right, it’s XXX at X p.m., they’re at the grocery store. (Ha, see, I know my Dad too well, notice I didn’t say what day or time they were at the grocery store because he’d say “I can’t believe you just told the world when our house is unoccupied each week”..never mind that he has the fourth most common name on the planet…I think mine is the fifth).  Anyway, they go to the grocery store on the same day and time each week. My parents are creatures of habit:  lunch at noon, supper at 6, grocery store at the same day and time each week.  They’ll go to a party and often decide ahead of time how long they’ll stay. (Mom & Dad:  we’re going to the Finkbeiner’s party and we’ll stay about an hour…Me: why don’t you just stay as long as you’re having a good time?)      There’s something comforting about a routine, or at least that is what I’ve been told.  I don’t have much of one.  I might eat supper one day at 6:12, another evening it’s pushing 9 o’clock. If my wife would let me, we’d eat supper sometimes at midnight.  I tend to go to bed around the same time and get up around the same time.  I always have to brush my teeth minutes after I wake up and eat breakfast right after (shouldn’t it be the other way around, though?).  So I do have some semblance of predictability in some ways, but I’ve always been a little resist to routine, finding it more confining than comforting.  But I also know that I may be in the minority here.  So does anyone have any thoughts on this routine vs. haphazard?  Who are you more like: me? or my parents? Is it a generational thing?