Okay, if you can stand another update on Kierney, our three-legged cat:)  He really has been progressing so well.  For anyone new to this blog, one of our cats had to get one of his hind legs lopped off in April.  A cancerous tumor had developed and was threatening to spread and the vet determined that removing his leg was the only way to give the cat a good quality of life.  I was a little concerned and skeptical that this would be possible, but my wife used to work as a vet tech and she assured me that she had seen three-legged cats adjust quite well.  So, almost two months later, you can see for yourself!:)  The video by the way begins with Kierney laying on his back. He loved to do that when he had four legs and he seems to like doing it with three just as much.  So, no, he is not writhing in discomfort, he just loves to do that for some reason.  His fur has not fully filled in yet where the surgery was performed, but it is getting there.  Then look how he jets off!  Three legs, no problem!  To see the video of my cat, CLICK HERE.  Do NOT click the big video below, that is a random WordPress ad.