Politics interests me, although I am not sure why.  I guess its just interesting to watch the machinery of democracy in action.  I spent a good deal of my early childhood living in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia (stay tuned for some upcoming posts about that), which are both feudal monarchy governments. So maybe the closed political systems of those countries made an early impression on me and stoked an interest in our more transparent (in theory) system?  I don’t know. But, sheesh, our Presidential campaigns are way too long.    Canada has the right idea, they actually have a limit on how long campaigns can last. Here in the US, there are people out there already angling for the job in 2016.  That’s too early and our campaigns are too long!  Ugh…we still have five more months of Obama vs. Romney and the thought of that just makes me queasy and uneasy.

I did run for local office myself once about 10 years ago (I lost).  I’m not sure what I was thinking (yet a post for another time), but it was an interesting experience and a good front-row seat to see the ridiculous role money plays in politics.

Today is an interesting election is taking place to see whether incumbent Wisconsin governor Scott Walker will keep his job.  He is being challenged in a recall election.  I thought it’d be fun to do a Presidential poll 5 months out from the election and then do another one in late October and we’ll see how closely the Amish Cook’s Editor’s electorate matches the national.  Cast your vote below and no worries, it’s anonymous voting, I can’t see who is voting how (not that I really care, it’s a free country, do as you wish!)