There’s nothing better than a smart, snappy, funny situation comedy. My childhood is full of memories of such shows.  They seemed to disappear for awhile, but have made a bit of a comeback of late.   Who doesn’t like a good belly laugh? And at 22 minutes the shows are manageable and are often stand alone so if you miss one it is not a big deal.  I know, I know, Seinfeld is not on my list. I just never got into that show. Some hour-long shows are tougher to classify, was the Gilmore Girls a comedy or a drama (some call these shows dramadies)?  So for the sake of this list, I have kept it to the 30 minute shows.  Here’s my list of all time favorite sitcoms in order of my favorite, are there some shows you’d add that I missed?

 Family Ties (1980s):  This show just captured the conservative times it aired in so well.  Alex P. Keaton was the poster-boy for the 80s and the father’s whip-sharp wit and wisecracks just made the show.   But unlike some comedies, this one did have some tender moments tucked away in it.  This is probably my all-time favorite.

Three’s Company (1970s):   My Mom always winced when my brother and I would turn this show on, she thought the humor was too adult for us and maybe it was…but the slapstick comedy timing of the late John Ritter was second to none.  Add Don Knotts as a foil and it was just the greatest laugh.

Newhart (1980s): Bob Newhart’s dry wit and perfectly timed stammers were always priceless.

All In The Family(1970s):   “Edith, Get Me a Beer!”  If Family Ties captured the 80s, All in The Family captured the tumultuous times of the society rifts shaping the 70s.   The show was never the same after Mike and Gloria left, but up until then it was a hoot.

Alice (1970s): Supremely underrated, the antics of Mel and the waitresses were good for endless laughs.

Jeffersons (1980s):   The priceless sniping between Florence the maid and snarly George Jefferson made this show.

Golden Girls (1980s): Who said growing old isn’t fun?  These wisecracking ladies proved that aging can be full of laughs.

Part of show’s staying power is how it “ages”, I think all of the above shows have held up very well over time.  Time will tell how the following three hold up, they air currently and will likely enter my “Sitcom Hall of Fame.”  Great shows!

The Big Bang Theory

Modern Family

The Middle