I have a love-hate relationship with ice cream and I know I’m in the minority. It seems most Americans can’t get enough ice cream.  Ice cream parlor ice cream is in a league of it’s own so we’ll discuss that product another day.  Some negatives about store-bought ice cream:

1) Store-bought ice creams are too expensive and their package sizes are getting smaller.

2)  Store-bought ice cream is often just too much trouble. When you take it out of the freezer it’s usually too hard so you have to bend spoons to carve some out of the container.  Or you have to use one of those ice cream scoops that really don’t do much better at getting ice cream out of the container, they just don’t bend.

3)  When store-bought ice cream gets low in the container you have to scoop it out of the bottom and if you’re not careful and your wrist rubs the side of the box you get all sticky.

4) Why, oh why, do the grocery stores put cones, sprinkles, chocolate syrup and the like in some distant aisle away from the ice cream???

5) Ben & Jerry’s store-bought doesn’t seem as good as it was when it was a young, upstart company.

But my view of store-bought ice cream isn’t all negative:

1) There are more choices than in years past and they do seem to be getting better in quality.

Okay, I thought I could come up with a few nicer things to say about store-bought ice cream,but I can’t.  My mother-in-law did buy this “Pennsylvania Dutch Pretzel” ice cream last weekend.  Very interesting flavor!  There are chocolate-covered chunks of pretzels inside and swirls of what tastes like the salty crumbs dumped from the bottom of the pretzel bag into the ice cream. It really is quite good – for store-bought ice cream, anyway.

As an aside, my grandma always used to serve us sherbert (not bad) or ice milk (horrible) when we were kids. Do they even still sell those anymore?