Okay, if any of you bank with Wells Fargo, forgive me…but…they are IDIOTS.  Or least whoever made the bone-headed decision to dismiss an employee for a crime she committed in 1972 is an idiot.  Yes, you read right: 1972.  I guess this story pushes a couple of “hot buttons” with me: 1) that everyone is entitled a fresh start, a do-over, a clean-slate and 2) I generally dislike banks.    I’m a big believer that everyone is entitled to make mistakes, pay their  penance and move on.  If she had murdered someone or, heck, robbed a bank…done something dreadful,  I doubt I’d be discussing this.    But she shoplifted when she was 18 years old.  That was the crime. I am NOT condoning shoplifting. It’s a serious crime. But with all the devilish deeds that Wells Fargo and the big bloated fat cat banks have committed over the years, mistakenly foreclosing on peoples’ homes, piling on specious NSF fees on the poorest customers, and contribution to the cause of the Great Recession, for them to step up on some sort of santcimonious high horse to fire someone for something they did FORTY YEARS ago is beyond ridiculous. And banks wonder why people dislike them?  What the heck were they doing poking aroujnd this woman’s past 40 years ago anyway??  They ought to rehire the woman immediately and Wells Fargo should fire their current public relations director because what a stupid, stupid decision on their part. What do you think? Click here to read more.