Not to OD everyone with crazy cat posts, but this phenomena has gone on for awhile in this house and it just so happened I was able to capture it on camera.  Leo is our lumbering lunk of a cat…he weighs as much as a small bag of flour and it’s not like he’s a kitten…he’s got to be pushing 10 years old now (my wife has all the pet ages memorized, etc..numbers aren’t my thing..I can remember Rachel’s birthday and our anniversary and anything beyond that is bonus).  Anyway, Leo has this stuffed lynx that he just can’t seem to get enough of.  Here he is with the lynx, which he also carries around while making a bizarre sound (I guess it’s where the term caterwauling came from), but then, as if that isn’t enough, he does this “thing” with the lynx.  What the heck is it?  Is it something amorous? Comforting? Or something completely off my radar?   Maybe we’ll never know….Click here to watch the video.  Any guesses?  Sorry the camera didn’t pick up the sound as he did that…when he is doing the lynx massage the caterwauling is replaced with a loud purr.