CAPTION:  Here’s Kierney looking good, his fur will take awhile to grow back in the surgery zone.  As he grows accustomed to having just 3 legs he smartly uses one wall for balance as he walks.  This is him sitting in our hallway.  I’ll post a video of him walking sometime soon.

I posted about our cat, Kierney, a couple of weeks ago.  He was scheduled to get a hind leg lopped off due to a malignant tumor.  I am happy to report that he came through the procedure with flying colors (ugh, as a writer, I detest cliches.  So maybe I should say he came through like a pie crust in Martha Stewart’s kitchen:  perfect.   Not sure if that analogy works, but better that than a cliche) Dr. Matt Heller and his team at All About Pet Care in Middletown, Ohio did a superb job.  Dr. Heller repeated a phrase he’s heard before: “cats are born with three legs and a spare” in explaining to me that Kierney should do great in the years ahead.  It was difficult to see Kierney with a removed leg, at least with a human you can explain and reason.  A cat just goes in with four legs and comes out with three. It has to be traumatic.  But it’s been about a week since the surgery and gradually Kierney is finding his way.  We’ve been having to keep him confined because he wants to jump and climb on stuff already, but for his own good he needs to take it easy a bit longer.  I know some might think that an extreme measure and that we should have just put the cat down, but when you see him sunning himself, eating food, purring, and, basically acting normal, I think we made the right decision.