Grocery stores are as much a part of American life as baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie.  So why are there so many annoyances to be found in these important places?  Here are my top supermarket pet peeves:

1) People who block the entire aisle.  They’ll block half of the aisle with their cart, and the other half with their body as they take 10 minutes to figure out which variety of Hamburger Helper they want.

2)  People who block  the ONE part of the aisle I want:   the supermarket could be completely empty but the one item I want there will inevitably be someone standing in the exact spot I need to be among the craisins or almond extract.  Another truism:  the bigger the hurry I am in, the longer the person will take to decide what they need and move on.

3)   People who leave their carts in a parking spot.

4)  Supermarkets that have 50 check-out lanes but only EVER have 3 0r 4 open.

5) Signs that say “Buy 10 bottles of limeade for $10.”  So, which is it? Is the limeade $1 a bottle or only $1 a bottle if you buy 10???

6) Melon squeezers and fruit eaters:  I get that you want the freshest produce, so do I, but geez do you need to give the grapefruit a full rub-down before deciding you don’t want it and tossing it back into the bin?  And a woman at the grocery the other day popped a grape into her mouth before ambling on.  That rubbed me the wrong way, not to mention the unwashed pesticides that were probably on it.

7) Cashiers who say “may I help you with any items on the bottom of your cart?” (translation:  don’t try to get anything past us, that’s shoplifting…I wish they’d just say that)

8) Ice cream containers that get progressively smaller while the price gets progressively higher.  I know someone who works at P&G  and I was listening in on a conversation that my father was having with him.  My Dad complained about the detergent box getting smaller. And the P &G person trotted out the corporate line  “oh, our studies have shown customers WANT that.”    Well, the price doesn’t shrink along with the package, pal. I think THAT might be what the customer is looking for.

9)  Coupons. I know you can save a ton of money and I know they offer great deals. But why not just offer the great deals in the form of a sale instead of turning every trip into a treasure hunt.

10)  Potato chip bags and other salty snack bags that are only 1 /2 full.  Product settling.  Okay, I accept that there will be SOME of that, but half a bag????