My wife occasionally watches some shows on TLC (used to be The Learning Channel, now The Looney Channel, in my opinion).  One of them is “The Little Couple.”  The show stars Bill and Jen, two “little people”, who are quite accomplished in their respective fields, Bill, in business and Jen, in neonatal medicine.  When we first started watching the show I didn’t like either of them much, I found Jen’s constant nervous laughter off-putting and Bill seemed too gruff for my taste.  But they’ve gradually grown on me and instead my ire is aimed at TLC.   TLC can never just let a family be a family.  No, I guess that would be bad for ratings. Instead, they start shuttling around people on pre-planned, pre-staged “trips” and photo-ops and building a show around them.  Does anyone really think the massive Duggar family – another TLC offering –  would constantly be on the road if not for the largess of TLC?   At first, TLC left the Little Couple alone, but now the shows increasingly feature visits to spas, trolley tours of Houston, and whatever else TLC can stage.  Even without TLC’s deep pockets, Bill and Jen seem to spend massive amounts of money, but that’s their business.  Does anyone else tire of TLC’s formulaic scripting of what is supposed to be unscripted?   And what is it about their fascination – no, obsession – with anyone under 5 feet? (think the Roloffs and other offerings)  Would TLC be airing a show called “The Average Couple” about two married 5’7 and 5’9″ people?  Bill and Jen really live fairly normal lives unhindered by height…so in that sense, yea, it’s a great message to show.  On the other hand, it borders on bizarre voyeurism if the only reason the cameras are trained on them is because of their height, or lack of.  What do you think? Any Little Couple fans here?