Texting is one of those words that  just slipped into the lexicon overnight and became part of our lives.  20, 15, and maybe even 10 years ago who would could have even imagined the concept of “texting?” I will admit to being an avid texter.  It’s a quick, convenient way to “get to the point” and convey pertinent information.   I think the appeal is partially generational.  Generally, the younger you are the more accepting of texting one is, although this isn’t always the case.  The first person I ever sent a text to was probably back in 2005 or 2006. The text was sent to my wife’s Aunt Sharon who was pushing 60 at the time.  She was working part-time for me and she suggested it as a quick, convenient way to communicate.  Of course at the time she had a 20-year-old son living with her at home (hmmmm, remember the post about older parenting?)….so that had to have influenced her.

The first text my Mom ever sent me I almost called the cops thinking she was in trouble, it just came at me as a bunch of garble that vaguely sounded like someone had been kidnapped: takingkidsintrunkwswayieee!!!   In ended up being a text about Mom taking the grandkids (my nieces) somewhere. To her credit, a few years later, she is a better texter now. And my Dad can text although his limit is about 3 – 5 texts at a time and then he’s like “c’mon, already, just call.”   My brother is 42-years-old and I don’t think he has ever sent a text, but with daughters approaching the teenage years he’ll be texting soon whether he likes it or not.

Even the Amish are getting in on texting.  As cell phones have slowly caught on in some settlements, some Amish have discovered texting.  And some Amish church bishops are even giving the form of communication their tacit approval, saying it’s less disruptive to family life than talking on the phone (hmmmm, not sure whether I necessarily agree).

So, a “snapshot survey” here. Do you like texting? Do you text regularly? If not,why not?