PHOTO CAPTION:  BBC forecaster Nick Miller talks about Hurricane Ike, which would sweep through Ohio a few days after this photo causing my wedding to be windy!

For the longest time while growing up I wanted to be a meteorologist.   I know aspirations come and go when you’re a kid, but the meteorology interest held pretty firm throughout my childhood and teen years.  I was a bit of a nerdy teen, following summer hurricanes on the fledgling 24 hour news channels obsessively or switching between various weather stations to catch the progress of a snowstorm.  Even when I was old as 16, I remember driving to the National Weather Service office in Dayton to spend a day shadowing one of the forecasters.  My Mom was nervous about me making the drive – about 40 miles away – as such a newly minted driver, but I was undeterred.  Ultimately, though, life happened and my career aspirations veered into journalism and then into Amish things.  Years later, as an adult, I tried to get my weather career aspirations back on track as a student at Miami University in Ohio, but the mathematics confounded me.  Weather forecasting is much more involved than maps and graphs, there was a lot of math (although I almost wonder if the pendulum has swung, computers do so much for the forecaster it seems these days) so my dreams of being a meteorologist were officially snuffed out.  But I still am fascinated with weather, which is why you’ll see weather posts on here from time to time (or maybe a lot of the time!:)

Do you have a favorite forecaster? If so, who?  Here are lists of some of my favorite local and national:

Favorite forecasters:


1) Jim Cantore – Weather Channel

2) Flip Spiceland – Formerly on CNN

3) Henry Margusity – AccuWeather

4) Elliott Abrams – Accuweather

5)  Neil Frank – (long-time director of the National Hurricane Center…anyone remember him?)


1)  Kevin Robinson – WLWT – Cincinnati

2) Steve Horstmeyer – WXIX – Cincinnati

3) Tony Sands (formerly WLWT Cincinnati, anyone remember him?)

4) Jamie Simpson (WHIO Channel 7 – Dayton, Ohio)

5) Tom Skilling (WGN – Chicago)

Many forecasters aren’t forecasters, they are entertainers…and I’m not sure how weather ever became “entertainment”….I’m talking about Willard Scott, Al Roker, Ira Joe Fisher, and other national personalities.