I remember when I was a kid going to the grocery store each week and returning the glass soda bottles in exchange for a small deposit.  Those days disappeared sometime during the 1980s, but that did seem like a more environmentally-friendly option.  Soda in a glass bottle tasted great, but for a mobile society with everyone on the go, maybe carting around a big glass bottle was impractical.  And those bizarre capping contraptions to seal the bottle after it was opened never really worked well. So enter the American love-affair with plastic.  Soda started being packaged in 2-liter plastic bottles and the 20 ounce bottles.   I’m not some way-out-there health kook but I am increasingly wary of plastic.  All the ingredients that go into making that plastic bottle…can we REALLY be convinced that some of the petroleum-based elements aren’t leaching out into the drink somehow?  Of course we can be sure, the plastic manufacturers tell us it’s perfectly safe…Riiiiiiiiight…..  I’m not a scientist, I don’t know…but it’s just something I’m wary of.  But even if those plastic bottles were safe as Mom’s apple pie, there is one other problem: the taste.  I am convinced that cold, carbonated cola out of an aluminum can tastes better than out of a plastic 20-ounce bottle.  Maybe it has something to do with the carbonation?

I love drinking Coke, it’s my single-biggest health vice. But I also know it’s got to be – in my opinion – horrible for you and akin to drinking toxins. SIGH, yet I do it every day anyway.  The best solution on can vs. bottle would be to not drink the junk at all (in fact some friends of mine used to call it “junk drink”)  So, am I crazy or does anyone else agree that the cola actually tastes better from a can than from a bottle? And if so, why???