I bought some butter today.  Yes, just butter.  Not Land-O-Lakes, not Nu-Maid, just butter.  Actually the best butter is homemade, Amish-made, but I just needed some butter fast so I went with store-bought.   I guess I’m a generic product manufacturers dream because I can’t tell the difference between generic butter or Land O’Lakes.  Gimme store-brand peanut butter over Jif or Skippy any day.  Or generic paper towels over Bounty. Really, what’s the difference?  Can anyone REALLY tell the difference between Kroger store-brand peanut butter or Jif?  I was in the grocery business for awhile once (that is a post for another day) and I can tell you that you have some name-brand products that are simply repackaged as “private label” when in reality it’s the exact same thing.   So why not save a few bucks and buy generic? I can’t think of a reason not too…Rachel is a bit more discriminating in her taste and she says she can tell the difference in items…if I had it my way the whole cart would probably be full of generics!:)

When I was a kid the grocery store actually had a “generics” aisle and all the products were packaged in plain black and white…with non-descript lettering like “PAPER TOWELS”, “DETERGENT”, “COLA.”  People kind of looked askance at you if you were browsing in the generic section.  Today’s generics, however, are much more appealing, packaged colorfully and given names like “Food Club” or “Premium Selection.”  But they are still generic and that is fine with me!  How do you feel about generics?  Can any of you really tell the difference between Land O  Lakes butter and just generic butter?