I will confess that I rarely play the lottery.  But the Mega Millions jackpot is HALF A BILLION dollars this week.  Now that is some serious buckage! (great thing about one’s own blog, you can make-up words!)  The amusing thing is that as these jackpots grow, more people jump in on the action which then drives DOWN your already slim statistical odds of winning.  What people SHOULD do is wait until after this drawing when the jackpot is back to a measly million and then play.  Your odds of winning would still be slim to none, but they’d be better than they are now.  I might buy a ticket once a year to get in on the action of a big prize like this but I generally view the lottery as a tax on the poor.  It’s a fun tax. It’s more fun than filling out a 1040 (why can’t we fill those out, send them in, and have the IRS draw a name for a jackpot?)  but it still largely sucks money out of the coffers of those who can least afford to play. Anyway, a half a billion bucks is difficult to even wrap my head around.  What would you do if you won?   And, since someone is probably wondering, as a general rule the Amish don’t buy lottery tickets.  That said, a half a billion bucks has the magnetic pull of the sun so I’m sure somewhere there have been a few customers hiding under broad-brimmed hats at convenience stores buying a few tickets and then jumping back into their buggies:)