I didn’t really begin running in earnest until I was in my mid-20s and I often lament that I didn’t run in high school.  At first glance running wouldn’t seem to be the best fit for me because I’m a  larger guy,  but I really do love running…Running has helped me deal with some of my most sad and stressful days and allowed me to savor some of my happiest and most celebratory moments.   The exercise is a superb emotional outlet and it’s also a great way to see new places.  Feeling a new city with your feet instead of in the confines of a car is a much more intimate way to connect.   Ah, running in the town of Robinson, Illinois last summer,home to a Hershey Chocolate factory, now THAT was olfactory bliss.


One of my favorite places to run is Twin Creek MetroPark a few miles from where I live.  It’s a place I can go to run and reflect and often both.  I love the connected feeling with my surroundings, spiritual and natural as my feet pound step by step on the soft trail.  Here’s a photo of the trail ahead.   I always feel that if I can conquer the hard hills and root-rutted trails of the outdoors I can probably handle the same ones that life throws my way.  One of my favorite spots on my trail run is a bend in twisting Twin Creek where I can stop and savor the silence of the surroundings, the deep blue water, the blazing red buds, and cackling birds. I’m sure I’ll write more about running, but I’m curious if we have any runners among my blog visitors?