Today I mowed my lawn for the first time this young spring/summer season.   As the lawn blade chopped through the beautiful green grass, I noticed the first bright buttons of dandelion flowers shining in the sun and a sprawl of purple petals from a plant I couldn’t identify.  Yes, these interloper plants were in my lawn.  Blasphemy in most suburban settings!    The prevailing lawn attitude in suburban America is to go for the golf-course type (neighbor’s lawn pictured here, care for a tee and putter?) lawn without a single dandelion, weed, etc (um…no offense to anyone has a golf course lawn, my parents have one…SIGH, this blog probably will get me in trouble)…but, really, when and why did that become the norm?  Am I strange for thinking that the dandelions are pretty and comforting? My Amish friends eat the dandelions each spring in delicious salads, or they beat them into jellies and sometimes wine while the rest of America smothers them in chemicals and makes war on them.  I guess as I get older I’m finding more comfort in nature…it’s where we came from and it’s where we’ll ultimately return and embracing it just seems, here’s the word again: comforting.  I love seeing splashes of color or twists of green that I can’t identity or doesn’t match the rest of the grass.  Truly, it’s not because I’m a lazy lawnkeeper..I love working outdoors. What I can’t figure out is how and who ever made us think a weed was ugly?  It’s a plant, it’s one of God’s creations and what’s so bad about that?  I’m not being sanctimonious here, to each his own and I’m not advocating that we all just let our lawns go to become waist-high thistle-ridden messes, neighborhoods dictate some decorum,  but how much?.. Aren’t the flowers in my back yard appealing?  Technically they are “weeds”, but so what?  

Ah, and as soon as I posted this, the lawn chemical company arrived at another neighbor’s house hose in hand…SIGH