Being the rather nerdy teenager that I was I would sometimes listen to radio talk shows when I was in high school.  I had a little shortwave radio by my headboard and as I would fall asleep at night I’d either listen to baseball games on Cincinnati’s 700-WLW or radio talk shows crackling in from as far away as WBZ in Boston.  I don’t listen to radio much anymore and I’m not sure why.  I suspect the internet has chipped away at such listening time and long road-trips aren’t as common for me anymore, so car talk radio isn’t as accessible to me as it used to be.  I do have some favorite hosts through the years and some not-so favorite shows, so, just for the heck, of it, I thought I’d list a few.

1 Bruce Williams (no relation to me) – just good, common-sense advice on a range of topics, generally financial, but not always.  Do we have any Bruce fans out there?

Picture:  Bruce Williams 

2)  Dr. Joy Browne – I always enjoyed her show when it aired in Cincinnati.  I can still pick up her show on CKLW radio out of Windsor, Ontario when I am driving on the highway north of Dayton in the afternoons. A  real treat.

3)  Diane Rehm –  NPR…her show is a mix of topics and good conversation and interesting guests, I always love listening to her.

4) Pat Buchanan – I don’t think he does radio anymore but he could present a politically conservative view and not do it in the mean way that some hosts do (see #1 below).  I think Sean Hannity is usually pretty respectful too in promoting a conservative viewpoint.

5) The Dolans – Fun to hear financial advice from a married couple, Ken and Daria Dolan have been dishing out money advice for years.  Any Dolans fans among us?


Least Favorite:

1) Rush Limbaugh:  I am not getting political, but I think you can be correct on an issue and still be civil.  I’m sorry, but he’s not.  Too many times he has crossed the line with poor taste.   Years ago on the day that President Clinton’s mother passed away he had to hurl insults at the late President’s mother.  Sorry, he lost me on that day… need for that. Ever.

2)  Dr. Laura Schlessinger:  I enjoyed listening to her show in the beginning but I just thought she got too preachy and self-righteous and then my local station dropped her. Haven’t heard her in years.

3) Bill Cunningham (WLW – Cincinnati)  – Local radio host, too shrill for my taste.

4)  Mike Gallagher – a nationally syndicated radio host….annoying.

5)  See, I’m a pretty agreeable guy….I couldn’t even think of a 5th radio host that annoys me.  When I am driving listening to the radio or listening as I am falling asleep at night I don’t want to listen to someone who gets all worked up about stuff, is mean, or too loud.  I like a radio show that either provides interesting guests, news, or political commentary in a nice, civil centrist way.

Who do you like on radio? Who do you dislike?  Or do you not listen to talk radio at all?