I was at my nephew’s birthday party over the weekend.  He was turning 1-year-old and my sister-in-law made a homemade birthday cake.  Yum.  I love cake.  In fact, I love almost anything sweet which is why weight is always a battle with me.  SIGH.  This is a photo of the birthday cake  (he had a monster-themed party, hence the monsterish cake)

Anyway, birthday cakes are special occasion treats and if I’m going to eat one, darn it, let’s make it a good one.  In case anyone cares, here’s what I don’t like in a cake:

1)  In all deference and respect to my Amish friends, I do NOT like “ice cream cakes” from Dairy Queen,Carvel, or any place else. My Amish friends seem to love ice cream cakes.  If I want ice cream, I’ll go get ice cream (ahhh, ice cream..that’s a post for another day), if I want cake (and I always do), then give me REAL cake.  Whoever thought “ice cream cake” was a good idea is just baffling to me.

2) “Whippy Cakes”…okay, I don’t think that is what they are actually called, but these seem to have been a trend lately in big supermarket bakeries: the birthday cake with the light, whipped frosting (which, I doubt, is any healthier despite the light, airy feel).

No, if I am going to eat a birthday cake, give me one with REAL, honest-to-goodness homemade buttercream frosting, caramel frosting, etc. Usually, for me, the cake is incidental, simply the vehicle to provide me with the wonderful taste of frosting. Mmmmmm….The one exception to that might be a spice cake which is full of flavor.   The birthday cake over the weekend was an exception to that, I LOVED the taste of the cake itself which was full, not-too-rich, and left me – unfortunately – wanting more…The cake itself was just as good as the frosting…and layer birthday cakes are a bonus because you get that awesome frosting flavor in between cakes.   So, am I alone here…what kind of birthday cakes do you like? Or don’t like?

Since some of you will ask, here is the link the birthday cake.  And here is the frosting recipe. Enjoy!